BlackBerry Tour 9630 Vs. BlackBerry Storm2 9550

The BlackBerry Tour 9630 is a popular full QWERTY keyboard phone on multiple networks; where as the BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is a popular touch screen smartphone on the Verizon network. This article will look at the pros and cons of each smart phone and which is really the best pick.
Blackberry Tour 9630

The BlackBerry Tour 9630 is one of the first BlackBerry’s on RIMS lineup that has worldwide 3G data coverage. The full QWERTY keyboard makes typing a breeze with one hand, while the vibrant 480X360-screen resolution is great for multimedia playback and screen clarity.

Pros of the BlackBerry Tour 9630

• Screen- The screen on the Tour may not be very big (just over 2″) but the 480X360 resolution is great. The resolution makes watching video clips and viewing photos taken on the 3.2MP digital camera pleasurable.

• Digital camera- The built in 3.2MP digital camera with autofocus takes relatively good pictures for a phone and the auto focus feature means less blurry photos.

• 3G- 3G is a no brainer for smart phones since it allows fast data connections, but it is not a feature that should be overlooked here.

• Media player- The media player on the Tour 9630 is easy to use and navigate. Navigating through the music is not as easy as an iPod, but is easy for almost any user to figure out.

• Design- The Tour looks sophisticated and modern in comparison to previous BlackBerry’s. The keyboard and the trackball are placed well for one handed operation and navigation.

Email– BlackBerry’s are known for their email capabilities and the Tour is no exception. The push email function makes receiving emails a breeze, while the full QWERTY keyboard makes sending emails even easier.

• Keyboard- The full QWERTY keyboard is easy to use and has many shortcut keys that are easy to learn for quick navigation.


• Screen size- The actual screen is relatively small at just about 2″, which is small in comparison to the BlackBerry Storm2.

• Lack of touch screen- Touch screen phones may not be for everyone, but they are becoming very popular due to their larger screens and better web surfing.

• Web surfing- The small screen is too small for extended web browsing on full web pages, but does do well in column view.

• Memory- The built in 256MB memory is rather low, but can be extended with microSD cards.

BlackBerry Storm2 9550

The original BlackBerry Storm was buggy, laggy, and rushed, but the new BlackBerry Storm2 9550 is refined, elegant, and easy to use. The Storm2 took a good exterior design from the original Storm, refined the hardware, and got rid of unfriendly user features, such as the click touch screen, and made a very well put together touch screen phone.

Pros of the BlackBerry Storm2 9550

• Touch Screen- The original touch screen on the Storm made the user click on the screen and press it down like a button to type and navigate; this feature was very frustrating, and fortunately, it was removed from the Storm2. The touch screen is refined and easy to use, similar to the iPhone.

• Resolution- 480X360 resolution ensures that you receive one of the industry’s best resolutions available on a smartphone.

• Media player- The media player is similar to the Tour, but is slightly easier to navigate with the touch screen.

• Design- The Storm2 is a very professional looking phone that has curves is all the right places.

• Email- Push email is standard on all BlackBerry’s and is very good for receiving emails the moment that they are received in the email client.

• 3G- The phone has 3G data coverage, which is great for surfing the internet and downloading media.

• Wi-Fi- The built in Wi-Fi is great for at home or office use when the Wi-Fi connection is quicker than the radios signal.

Cons of the BlackBerry Storm2 9550

• Memory- The built in 258MB of flash memory is used to store apps that are downloaded from the BlackBerry apps store. Users can add memory cards, but the problem is that applications cannot be saved on memory cards, only on the flash memory.

Overall, both phones have unique features that will appeal to different users. My favorite out of the two is the newly refined Storm2, but users who prefer one-handed operation will benefit from the full QWERTY keyboard on the Tour. Both phones have their pros and cons, and are very different from one another due to how users enter data, one being a touch screen, the other being from a full QWERTY keyboard.


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