Clash of Clans – The Game in the Spotlight

With modern-day technology rising up and above every day, game development has become very common and there are new apps being produced every now and then. Certain games hit the charts, while others are not able to make it big. Similarly, some become extremely addictive, whereas other games are casually played when a user may be bored. There is a lot of thought and brainstorming that goes into developing a game which will ensure users are stuck to their screens. One such successful hit has been “Clash of Clans.”

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is an action strategy mobile game which has been developed by a Finnish company called Supercell. It hit both the Android and Apple platforms during the year of 2012, and it has been a huge success ever since. It revolved around a fantasy team where each user is in charge of managing their own village and army. The players use resources to work toward building their towns. They then have the ability to attack other towns in order to invade their clash of clans free gems.

The resources included in the game are elixirs and gold. Furthermore, the players have the option to team up with other players by joining forces with their army. This is where clans are created. Players go through certain levels within the game, which are upgraded by obtaining certain points and fighting armies. Users can also opt for buying resources through real payments and upgrading levels.

Clash of Clans was fast to become one of the highest grossing games. It generates up to over $5 million in revenue for Supercell and is one of the most downloaded and played games on both the App Store and Play Store.

What Makes It Addictive?

The whole idea behind the game is to build a base, provide it protection and fortify it from other armies. Players need to make sure they defend their towns and bases at all times or else they will be at a constant loss. The way the game has been designed, it implies that if a user logs out of the game, their base is prone to an attack. Therefore, in order to protect their base at all times, the players need to be online and at it on their screens.

This strategy has allowed game developers to attract a high number of users who will be stuck to their screens at all times to ensure their base is protected. Winning a battle against another army takes you one step ahead, but losing against an attack puts you a few steps back. This is the sole reason that users fear being attacked, which makes it common to see people extremely addicted to the game.

The Gaming Community

There exists a big community which plays Clash of Clans and is extremely addicted to it. Such people are present all over the world and are ready to give it their all in order to progress within the game. Certain gamers set alarm as per the completion of certain tasks or even manage more than one account to make sure they are doing their best. Certain gamers prioritize the game at all times, such as while driving or at social gatherings. They hunt for the feeling of extreme success and fulfillment and are not willing to take anything to lose their spot in the game.

Whether it has been a fruitful journey for this community or not, one thing we know for sure is that the game has been a complete success. Grossing millions of dollars daily and attracting a vast range of users, Clash of Clans has brought about a revolution within the ideas of mobile strategy gaming. It has been built taking into account a large number of factors which will not only attract users but also make their gameplay extremely fruitful.

Are you looking for a new game to beat the boredom you experience? Well then, definitely consider Clash of Clans as it may just become a life-changing game for you!