Time Management Tricks for Homescapes Addicts

One of the most powerful time management tricks you could use when playing Homescapes is to break up your gameplay into short bursts. Time yourself. Give yourself only a few seconds to solve a puzzle. You might be thinking that this is putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. While it’s true that you’re putting pressure on yourself, this actually turbocharges your performance.

When you’re playing any kind of game, it’s very easy for your mind to snap into autopilot mode. It’s as if you’re looking for patterns that don’t exist or you insist on progressing to the pattern a certain way. Both of these practices end up undermining your overall performance. You end up taking too much time, you end up making the wrong choices, and the end result is actually all too predictable. You don’t solve the puzzle efficiently because you need homescapes free coins.

The better approach would be to give yourself a tremendous amount of time pressure. The measure of success is actually solving a specific pattern within that specific time frame. You may be thinking that this is too basic but this simple trick when you apply it to the rest of the puzzle actually turbocharges your focus. It robs you of your tendency to give yourself excuses to let your mind wander.

It also centers your attention, so you don’t fall into this autopilot process where you are going through certain patterns just to go through them. Instead, you’re looking at the specific color sequence right in front of your eyes and paying attention only to those sequences. You’re not trying to look at things that may not be there. You’re not trying to read stuff into the pattern. These are the kinds of decision-making processes that trip up even the most experienced Homescapes players.

Pattern puzzles are all about focus. You need to keep moving your eyes around in a very disciplined manner and you have to constantly process this information in real time. You’re making things all that much harder on yourself when you play the game with a preset conceptions and assumptions where you’re trying to look for patterns that don’t exist.

Instead of tackling the game as it plays out in front of you, you imagine that it must take a certain shape or take a certain form, and this burns up a lot of time. Sure, as you go from that mental picture to what’s really in front of you may take only a few nanoseconds. It seems very small in isolation but when you add these split seconds together, it actually accounts for a lot of your time and that’s why you can’t solve these puzzles efficiently. You start slowing down and as your focus gets bogged down, the puzzle gets harder and harder until eventually, you give up and you try again, and the same situation plays out then you try again and ultimately, it starts to discourage you. In fact, you run the risk of being so discouraged and so disappointed that you just give up. You just write it off as an impossible pattern. This happens quite a bit even to the very best Homescapes players.

Don’t let it happen to you. Use small chunks of time to give yourself the mental pressure that you need to be as directed as possible as far as your focus and your visual process is concerned. You need to keep moving your eyes very quickly and you need to be open-minded and mentally nimble, so you can take advantage of the patterns as you spot them. This way, you jump from pattern to pattern very quickly instead of having this preset sequence that robs you of the speed and versatility you need. You need to be able to pivot quickly from angle to angle, direction to direction for this to work.